Ultrasonic Inspection - Level I

Basic Ultrasonic Theory and Equipment

Course Number - U2412-WB

Course Description and Prerequisites - The content provides the student with an opportunity to understand the ultrasonic testing
method from basic principles through everyday applications and equipment. 40 hours of training time are credited by the Level III support instructor,
who will monitor the students’ progress as he / she progresses through the training material. This course is an excellent way to begin the
qualifying educational process for Ultrasonic Testing Techniques. It is also a terrific way for the person who requires understanding of the test method in
order to gauge the quality of work being done on his / her projects.

Important Note

Our online courses exceed the requirements for "Body of Knowledge" and "General Test" recommendations as outlined in SNT-TC-1A and NAS-410.

In order to get a better understanding of the qualification and certification procedures for the NDT industry, please click the link below.

Qualification vs. Certification

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Who Should Take This Course - The course is meant for facility personnel who are responsible for using the Ultrasonic method for
compression wave flaw detection and for determination of remaining wall thickness of critical components within the plant environment.
It is also good for the person who has a need for understanding how others are performing in his company's behalf. This is also an excellent
course for those wishing to pursue a career or renewing credentials in the NDT nondestructive testing industry. Beginning Service Technicians,
Process Plant Facility Inspectors, Vessel Shop Inspectors, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Visual Inspectors,
Welding Inspectors, Nuclear Plant Technicians, ASME Inspectors, Fabrication Shop Inspectors, Welders, QA/QC Pipeline owners/operators,
Pipeline Inspectors would all benefit from this course of study.

Cost of Course - $699 - General Test and Level III Answerman Support is included

Special Note: Once you receive your login and password information to access this course, you will have 30 days to complete the course. If you need longer than 30 days to complete the course, you may get an extension of time which requires an additional fee.

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